Inversion tables and inversion therapy are topics that have been subjected to a lot of discussions. There are a lot of speculations about inversion tables and inversion therapy. In spite of all the controversies and the myths, one thing about inversion tables and inversion therapy is very true. They provide us with instant relief from back pain and other body pains. It also relaxes our mind and body. It actually contributes a lot to energize our body. If you are planning to buy one make sure to go through the online reviews for the best inversion table.  Here are some reasons why you should buy an inversion table.

Instant pain relief

It is a fact that everyone needs to accept that with the kind of lifestyle that we have had a back pain is no surprise. It is said that more than eighty of the people get back pain at a certain point in their lives. When it comes to the instant relief of back pain, one can absolutely rely on inversion tables. It is because the process is not a complex process like surgeries and physiotherapy. It is not like some kind of magic is happening. When the body is inverted or tilted at a certain angle, the gravity acts on our body. This decompresses the weight bearing joins. By this process, each joint gets a perfect relief.

Relax your mind and body

Relaxation is not luxury, its mandatory.  Once in a while, it is absolutely necessary to ease out a bit. It is absolutely not enough if you just have a healthy body. A healthy mind is also needed for the proper functioning of the body. A lot of things can be responsible for our stress. This results in the tightening of the muscles which leads to headaches and other pains. Inversion therapy reduces the stress on the muscles and provides a sense of relaxation.

Stretch after exercise

Workouts are a must in today’s life. Not just because of fitness, most of us hardly have any physical activity. It is essential for us to burn certain calories on a daily basis. Everyone should know that we are putting extra stress on our muscles while we workout. After workouts, it is essential to relax them. Stretching out for few minutes in the inversion table relaxes the muscles. This reduces the post-workout soreness and muscle cramps.

To strengthen the core

A strong core of the human body is absolutely essential and contributes in a lot of ways. It helps to have good posture, proper blood circulation and good flexibility of the body.  Inversion table exercise like crunches helps to strengthen the core muscles. 

To give the day perfect start

The majority of the population prefers coffee to start the day. But it would be great if you can opt for something that is healthier. Inversion tables are the perfect solution for that. By decompressing the spine and the joints on a daily basis helps you to be more active and feel less stress.