The number one problem many families are facing today is alcohol addiction this has become an epidemic, and many families have fallen spiraling into the trap of poverty because some member in their family has been bound to binge drinking problems. And sometime even when a person who has alcohol addiction tries to overcome this problem he still miserably fails the best alternative that can be found is from going to the Alcohol and drug treatment centers and getting out of the addiction this is the only alternative that can be found for people who find it difficult to  get rid of the addiction that they are in and enjoy their time with their family members who are relieved to have a reformed person with whom they can be with and enjoy the company of a normal person.

Here are a few pointers that you can look into in order to overcome the alcohol addiction or help a loved one overcome this problem.


Take the now step:

If you want to stop your addiction than the only way that you can do is to get rid of the addiction in the here and now that is the only way that you can get rid of the addiction, don’t plan for a day in the future or after an occasion or wait for a supernatural intervention to take nobody not even God can help you if you don’t begin by helping yourself thus the best day for you to stop your habit of drinking is today there is no better day than today.

Don’t go near the forbidden tree:

Stay away from everything that will trigger you to start your addiction all over again, this can include occasions like having a small party at your friend’s place that you are sure will turn into binge alcohol drinking party and make sure you stay away from people who simply don’t want you to get rid of your addiction and help you or they are too stupid to understand your plight, thus stay away from your forbidden tree this might bring your life to the ground.

Write down as to why you want to quit:

Make sure that reasons are legitimate, and you are very sure about the reason as to why you want to quit your addiction, this is one of the most powerful things that will really help you in the process of quitting your addiction and also when you are at the brink of losing your sanity, and you finally want to give in you can read through the reasons that you have to quit your addiction and keep yourself focused on this reason.

With these things on your mind, you can overcome your addiction. These pointers can also be used to overcome other addictions such as drug addiction and social media addiction and help you become a better person who you are aspiring to be.